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New Year Wishes From Upward CEO, Shana Schlossberg

Dear Friends,

As I sit on the last day of the year and contemplate the past 12 months, all I feel is an immense sense of gratitude. It was definitely a full year! A year of building new relationships, of trying new things and of taking risks. It was a year with many unknowns and many first times, but we faced everything head-on, unafraid to make mistakes, and instead of fearing the unprecedented waters, we celebrated them.

I want to express a heartfelt “Thank You” to our wonderful and dedicated team who are the embodiment of everything Upward stands for, and to our members who trust and believe in us and continue to help us bring the Upward vision to life.

Another very special thank you is due to all of our incredible partners and friends who have done so much for us in the last year.  Listing them and their generous deeds would only belittle the value of their investment to the Upward community. We appreciate you more than words can say, and we wouldn’t be where we are without you.

As we bid a grateful farewell to 2018, we embrace the new year and welcome the new adventures and surprises it will surely bring our way. 2019 will not be about trying – we know exactly what we need to do – we’ll just be doing it better and more of it. We will continue to deliver great events and great experiences to our members and clients, and will continue to strive to deliver great value to the community.

In 2019,  we will proudly launch two new initiatives – one of which has already been announced: Upward Labs will launch two cutting edge labs focused on Aged Care and Smart Buildings, bringing 20 startups to live and work in Hartford each year. Our second initiative, which we will be unveiling after the new year, will be well worth the wait!

This coming year, Upward is making an unwavering commitment to build an even more vibrant and attractive capital city.  Happy New Year, Hartford – may this be your best one yet!

- Shana Schlossberg


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