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AgeTech and PropTech companies present COVID-19 alleviation solutions via online Demo Day on April 2nd, 2020

Hartford, CT — Upward Labs, Connecticut’s pilot program and venture fund designed to fast-track the commercialization of smart building and aged care solutions, announced today that its April 2nd Demo Day will continue as planned via an online format.

In addition to their technological impact across daily business operations within real estate and healthcare industries, Upward Labs’ startup companies offer critical solutions that can help organizations and individuals cope with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the past six months, our portfolio of startups have worked closely with industry leaders in commercial/residential property management and healthcare, the latter of which specialize in the care of our aging population,” said Upward CEO Shana Schlossberg. “With health and safety at the core of the Labs’ design, we have adapted April 2nd’s Demo Day to a series of virtual meetings that will allow our attendees to still participate in these interactive presentations from the comfort of their home or daily workspaces. We feel strongly that the show must go on, especially since the Labs’ technological solutions can apply to COVID-19 patient monitoring and remote support.”

The Labs’ AgeTech solutions include products that enable assisted living communities and home healthcare agencies to monitor their patients remotely, as well as solutions that can help with social isolation and quarantine.

Solutions in Upward’s PropTech Lab include cutting-edge air purification solutions that can detect impurities and clean the air in homes, workspaces, and facilities, as well as security solutions that can identify and differentiate visitors, tenants, and residents in all buildings.

Upward Labs’ Virtual Demo Day is designed for senior living facility and home care agency owners/managers, hospital administrators, and other leaders in the senior care industry, as well as commercial and residential property owners/managers, investors, and other leaders in the real estate industry, to learn about the Labs’ tech solutions as applied to the current COVID-19 pandemic and typical daily operations.

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About Upward

Upward is a Connecticut-based social enterprise working to establish a template solution to elevate second- and third-tier cities across the United States. Upward believes that stimulating entrepreneurial activity in order to support the growth and success of local industry leaders will regenerate thriving urban ecosystems. While Upward’s suite of physical spaces are core to achieving its mission, the primary objective is to manifest a tech-enabled, talent-driven, and equitable nation by creating innovative spaces and opportunities for Americans to live, work, and thrive. Learn more at

Press Contact

Jess Morin, Marketing Communications Manager @ Upward


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