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#UpwardLabsSpotlight | Ellcie Healthy

Most of us think of the watch or wristband when we hear "wearable tech."

...But we urge you to see past Google's failure in the smart eyeglasses space, and embrace the power of this high-powered everyday essential.

France-based Ellcie Healthy is bringing sensor-embedded smart glasses to the American market. The best part? Their advanced IoT solution not only saves lives, but also maintains the uniqueness of the wearer's preferred style while keeping them healthy and safe.

Théo Niktabe, Ellcie Healthy's US Business Manager, spoke with the Upward team about how their product is equipped to save lives among senior citizens and the general population.


UPWARD: Give us the Ellcie Healthy elevator pitch.

Théo Niktabe: Ellcie Healthy has developed a new line of smart glasses, equipped with artificial intelligence designed to save lives and help you stay healthy. Our objective is to use innovation to detect - and prevent - diseases, and identify potential risks to improve people’s health and wellbeing. We believe in making a positive impact on humanity and we strive to help our peers live better lives through technology. Thanks to the new and improved technologies we offer, individual health can be monitored, while overall wellbeing increased. This is what we strive for!

U: What drives you and your team to accomplish your mission?

With more than 25 years of experience in C-Level positions in major optical groups, Ellcie Healthy CEO Philippe Peyrard founded Ellcie Healthy in 2016 with one ambition: to combine his expertise in optics with new technology to save lives.

We are a non-stigmatizing remote monitoring device that people wear on a daily basis without even realizing it. - Théo Niktabe, U.S. Manager at Ellcie Healthy

U: Why Upward Labs?

TN: We wanted to join a program that specifically helped international companies scale within the U.S. market, and Upward Labs’ partners in the insurance and aged care matched some of our key markets.

U: Tell us about your current pilots: 

TN: We are piloting our fall detection and prediction capabilities with Priority Life Care and Hartford Healthcare. Residents of the assisted living communities and home care patients wear our Smart Glasses daily to monitor them and send valuable information to families, nursing staff, and physical therapists.

U: What is the key takeaway for potential clients, partners, and users of your product? 

TN: The key takeaway of our solution is that we are a non-stigmatizing remote monitoring device that people wear on a daily basis without even realizing it.

U: Tell us about you: 

TN: I joined Ellcie Healthy to lead our U.S. market entry efforts. My first time in the U.S. was at CES in January of this year. I spent a few months in West Palm Beach and Miami trying to find partners and understand the needs of the market. Now, I’m working with our partners in Hartford through Upward Labs. 

I’d say my biggest hobby is meeting new people and learning about new cultures. I love that this program and living at Upward’s co-living space helps me to do that, especially with the rest of the city being mostly quiet because of COVID.

Visit Ellcie Healthy's website to learn more about the power of their technology.


About Upward Labs

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