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Word UP - An Upward Podcast | Ep. 4: EMPATHY (Sherwin Yoder & Sonia Plumb)

Hartford, CT (5/15/2020)

In our latest episode of Word UP, "EMPATHY" takes center stage in a candid discussion between a data privacy specialist and a performing arts entrepreneur.

Fair warning for our fellow empaths: prepare to find yourself in your feelings after this episode!

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About the podcast

Word UP breaks the mold of traditional podcast interviews while embracing Upward’s mission to create elevated ecosystems fueled by innovation. For our first-ever podcast series, we’re bringing together two diverse perspectives to broaden our knowledge on a variety of topics, widen our cultural repertoires, and stimulate original ideas based on… o n e  w o r d. You read that right: a single word that inspires our guests and listeners alike to look at the way in which we connect with other professionals in an unpredictable world. Join us for a fun facilitation of collaboration between corporate innovators, startup founders, and Hartford’s most talented professionals across industries every Wednesday & Friday.


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